Courtesy of WaPo:

The Virginia Senate on Wednesday passed a “red flag” law that would allow authorities to temporarily seize the firearm of someone deemed a threat, a measure that was strongly opposed by gun rights advocates who swarmed the streets around the state Capitol on Monday.

The bill passed on a party-line vote of 21-19, with every Democrat in favor and every Republican against. Debate grew unusually sharp as some GOP senators suggested that the bill would violate the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms.


The bill was among four gun control measures that passed out of a Senate committee last week. The other three — limiting handgun purchases to one per month, requiring background checks on all firearms purchases, and letting localities ban weapons from certain events and government buildings — have already passed the Senate.

The red-flag bill, which establishes what’s known as an extreme risk protective order, moved more slowly through the full Senate as members of both parties worked to address concerns about how the law would be implemented. Both Minority Leader Thomas K. Norment Jr. (R-James City) and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) had urged senators to build more due process into the measure.

Amendments were included to require law enforcement agencies to consult with a commonwealth’s attorney before requesting a protective order and to require an affidavit of supporting facts, among numerous other tweaks.

“This is a clear improvement,” the bill’s chief sponsor, Sen. George L. Barker (D-Fairfax), said before the vote. “We’re going to continue to listen . . . [and] we may make further changes throughout the process.”

So I guess all of those man-babies with their metallic penis extenders failed to intimidate the lawmakers after all. 

There are still a few more steps before these bills reach the governor’s desk to be signed into law, but so far things are looking positive. 

Good for you Virginia, good for you.