It looks like Bristol has finally found a program trashy enough to give her a second season.

Courtesy of The Ashley’s Reality Roundup:

Bristol Palin has also signed on for the next season, despite going on her own rants about the way the show is filmed and edited.

“Bristol actually had a shoot schedule this past weekend,” the behind-the-scenes source said. “As far as I have heard, she didn’t give anyone any trouble and signed on pretty quickly.”

Yeah, she did.

How else is she going to make a living? By selling real estate? 

So here we have Bristol bitching and complaining that they misrepresented her on the show and hinting that she would never do another season and the minute they wave the cash in front of her she shoves it into her G-string and starts undulating around the pole. 

I have not heard yet if Dakota agreed to sign up, but I would not be at all surprised if next season was all about Bristol’s hunt for her next baby daddy.