If something is not done before 2020, we are well and truly fucked. 

Courtesy of Politico:

Democratic lawmakers emerged from the world’s largest hacker conference this weekend with a clear message: Congress must pass legislation to mandate better U.S. election security.

In panels and interviews at DEF CON in Las Vegas, where a roomful of hackers demonstrated ways to breach insecure voting machines, those lawmakers focused their fury on the man proudly blocking their bills.

“Why hasn’t Congress fixed the problem? Two words: Mitch McConnell,” Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said during a Friday keynote address to a packed and largely supportive room at DEF CON’s Voting Village.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), one of a handful of computer scientists in Congress, told POLITICO that when it came to his biggest election security concern, “I have two words: Mitch McConnell.”

The Senate majority leader has repeatedly blocked votes in the upper chamber on two House Democratic bills that would require voting machines to produce paper records, mandate post-election audits and impose security requirements on election technology companies.

Election security experts overwhelmingly say these provisions are vital for protecting the democratic process. But McConnell has argued repeatedly that states, not the federal government, should decide how to run their elections.

It’s “stupid to have the view that states have the right to have poor election security,” Lieu told POLITICO.

Manufacturers of other products that rely on computer security systems have provided those systems to these hackers in order to determine potential vulnerabilities and then fix them, but voting machine manufactureres have refused to do the same, which is quite troubling. 

Mitch McConnell could force them to have their machines tested by passing bills that would exclude them from participating in the next election cycle if they could not pass a security check, but he has also refused to do so thus far. 

It should also be noted that voting machine manufacturers are among McConnell’s political donors, as reported by Newsweek. (Link)

One would think that protecting out election systems would be job one for any politician, and yet #MoscowMitch absolutely refises to do even the minimal work it would require to keep our democracy safe from foreign interference. 

Keep in mind that the Russians do not need to hack our systems to undermine the election process in America, they simply have to destroy our trust in the outcome.

Does anybody 100% trust the outcome of the next election?