Gee, the Republicans seem a little touchy about this subject. I wonder why?

Courtesy of Newsweek

Senator Ron Wyden blasted the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Friday after the agency’s Republican commissioners blocked an attempt to fully investigate the National Rifle Association (NRA) over reports that Russia may have used the gun-rights group as a conduit for its election interference efforts, and possibly in contravention of campaign finance law.

“A foreign adversary interfered in the 2016 presidential election and the response from Republicans at every level, whether it be President Trump, congressional Republicans, or now the Republican appointees on the Federal Election Commission, has been to bury their heads in the sand or actively obstruct getting to the bottom of what happened,” Wyden said in a written statement.

“It’s inexcusable that Republican commissioners would block an investigation into whether Russian money was funneled through the National Rifle Association to help President Trump. The blatant partisanship is appalling, undermines our democracy and leaves us vulnerable to continued interference in 2020,” he continued.

In particular, the FEC was considering whether to further probe if Alexander Torshin, a senior official at the Central Bank of Russia, and Maria Butina, his former assistant, may have violated the ban on election contributions from foreign nationals by funneling money through the NRA.

So here’s the thing.

If there is nothing for the NRA to hide why would they be so defensive about this investigation?

And also if there is a possibility that the Russians used the NRA to interfere in our elections why would good Republican patriots not want to find that out?

You know if I was a cynic I might think that all of them, the Russians, the NRA, and the Repubblicans, were working together to undermine our free and open elections. 

You know, if I was a cynic.