That is only a month delay, why do they think that will make any real difference?

Courtesy of NYT:

The Democratic National Committee on Thursday postponed its presidential convention because of the coronavirus, moving it from mid-July to mid-August, and making it the largest political event to be upended by the public health crisis sweeping the country.

The convention will still be held in Milwaukee, as planned, the week of Aug. 17, officials said — a week before Republicans plan to gather in Charlotte, N.C., to renominate President Trump. The adjacent dates mean that both parties will be using expert health data from the same time frame to assess the safety of bringing together thousands of people at one event — and, ultimately, deciding whether the benefit of staging the conventions outweighs the medical risks.

The timing sets the stage for a high-stakes test of wills and judgment over the next four months between Mr. Trump and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the likely Democratic nominee, as the public health crisis paralyzes the country through the summer. Neither will want to be the first to cancel his convention.

The decision to postpone the Democratic convention was made over the previous two days, officials involved in the planning said, but the issue was amplified Wednesday night by Mr. Biden, who called for rescheduling the convention during an appearance on “The Tonight Show.’’

Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said he did not consider moving the event to September, after the Republicans, and was averse to conducting a virtual convention that would be less likely to attract hours of television coverage.

“We’re going to hold a very exciting and safe convention in Wisconsin to highlight our nominee and to make sure that people know the values of the Democratic Party and what we’re fighting for,” he said in a telephone interview.

Okay now I typically give Democrats much higher marks in dealing with this pandemic than Republicans, because, let’s face it, they are much smarter. 

However this is fucking dumb!

 The very last thing we want to do when we suspect that the pandemic has run its course is to suddenly all mob together in an enclosed space to put that theory to the test. 

And you certainly do not want to use your party’s presidential candiate as your canary in the coal mine. 

Look I know that not having a big crowd issuing forth with thunderous applause to greet every one of Biden’s verbal home runs is going to suck, but let’s face it everything kind of sucks right now.  (Seriously have you tried to watch a late-night talk show these days?)

It is far more important to keep the candidate and our fellow Democrats safe than it is to stick to a political tradition. 

Look four five years from now we will have the party to beat all parties, but right now the name of the game is health and safety, and that has to come first.