Read that headline again slowly.

The female Democrat challenger is leading Senate Majority Leader  Mitch McConnell in freaking Kentucky!

Courtesy of Newsweek

Democratic senatorial candidate Amy McGrath appears to have a very narrow lead over Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky’s race, according to a recent poll.

The polling, which was conducted by RMG Group, shows McGrath, a former Marine fighter pilot, with the support of 41 percent of voters, while McConnell is backed by 40 percent. However, the polling also showed that when voters are informed that McGrath supports congressional term limits while McConnell does not, her lead over the Republican jumps significantly.

With the candidates’ positions on term limits factored in, McGrath was backed by 45 percent of respondents, while McConnell was supported by just 30 percent. But 17 percent of those surveyed were still undecided, and 8 percent said they’d vote for a different candidate.

“What this shows is that after 35 years of Mitch McConnell’s partisanship and dysfunction, Kentuckians are ready for change. Lieutenant Colonel Amy McGrath believes in ending lifelong careers in the Senate and strongly supports a limit of two terms. Mitch McConnell has proven that being in office for decades has led to the politics of destruction and the Washington, D.C., swamp that everyone hates,” Terry Sebastian, McGrath’s senior communications strategist, told Newsweek in a statement.

Now before people get too excited keep in mind that McConnell is a very cagey politician and this is still Kentucky. 

I would say that the smart money suggests that he will win reelection, but perhaps for the first time in perhaps 30 years that is by no means a sure bet. 

And would it not be glorious to see this cancerous tumor removed from the ass cheek of America?