Remember when Trump bragged about all that he has done to support the US military?

That was a funny joke, wasn’t it?

Courtesy of Politico

Pentagon officials working on Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s cost-cutting review of the department have proposed slashing military health care by $2.2 billion, a reduction that some defense officials say could effectively gut the Pentagon’s health care system during a nationwide pandemic.

The proposed cut to the military health system over the next five years is part of a sweeping effort Esper initiated last year to eliminate inefficiencies within the Pentagon’s coffers. But two senior defense officials say the effort has been rushed and driven by an arbitrary cost-savings goal, and argue that the cuts to the system will imperil the health care of millions of military personnel and their families as the nation grapples with Covid-19.

Esper and his deputies have argued that America’s private health system can pick up the slack.

Roughly 9.5 million active-duty personnel, military retirees and their dependents rely on the military health system, which is the military’s sprawling government-run health care framework that operates hundreds of facilities around the world. The military health system also provides care through TRICARE, which enables military personnel and their families to obtain civilian healthcare outside of military networks.

Some officials say that these cuts will not seriously impact the delivery of medical care to military members, but other Defense Department officials refute that assurance. 

Personally I do not see how Trump and Esper camouflage this to keep it from appearing as a significant cut to military spending.

Donald Trump has long bragged that he “rebuilt” the military and that he supports the troops. 

This would seem to undercut that completely.