Courtesy of The Guardian

Donald Trump has complained that a new rule introduced for his final televised debate with Joe Biden on Thursday, whereby the candidates’ mics will be muted during their opponent’s responses, is “very unfair”. The presidential debate commission came up with the format change after the chaotic first debate in September, during which the president interrupted Biden and the moderator, Chris Wallace, at least 128 times.

Trump has also described the moderator for the final debate, NBC’s Kristen Welker, as “extremely unfair”. Meanwhile, his campaign claims Welker’s choice of topics goes beyond what it believed would be a debate focused on foreign policy.

Of course, Trump is irritated by this because it allows a woman to dictate how long, and when, he can speak. 

I think this would qualify as Trump’s third level of hell. 

I also like that Trump is already getting his excuses ready for why he will do poorly in the debate. 

In other debate news, Trump has promised to take a Coronavirus test before it starts.

Courtesy of Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday he would test for the coronavirus before the next presidential debate with Democratic candidate Joe Biden this week.

“Sure I would have no problem with that,” Trump told reporters when he was asked whether he would be tested before Thursday’s debate in Nashville.

I would hope that the Biden folks insist that an independent medical professional deliver this test and not one of Trump’s clearly compromised doctors. 

I am actually interested in what the results show, and what the Biden campaign might do if he tests positive.