I think we can legitimately call this the “Trump curse.”

Courtesy of NYT:

David J. Pecker, the tabloid media titan who drew the scrutiny of federal investigators for his alleged role in Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, is out as the leader of the parent company of The National Enquirer, Us Weekly and other publications, according to a company announcement on Friday.

At the same time, American Media, the company led by Mr. Pecker since 1999, has a new name, A360Media, and will be merged with a sibling company, Accelerate 360. Both are controlled by the hedge fund Chatham Asset Management.

The chief executive of Accelerate 360, David Parry, announced the changes to employees on Friday. The company, based in Smyrna, Ga., describes itself as a logistics firm that delivers products “from corkscrews to umbrellas.”

Accelerate said Mr. Pecker, 68, the chief executive and president of American Media, would take on a new role, executive adviser. Under his leadership, The Enquirer sometimes moved away from its usual coverage of Hollywood celebrities and reality television stars to bolster the candidacy of Mr. Trump and attack his political foes, including Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton.

In 2016, Mr. Pecker and his associates helped orchestrate a deal involving a woman who claimed a past affair with Mr. Trump: the former Playboy model Karen McDougal. In a piece of tabloid tradecraft known as “catch and kill,” an article on the alleged affair was never published.

Federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York investigated American Media’s hush payments as a possible violation of campaign finance laws. They ended up giving Mr. Pecker a nonprosecution deal for his cooperation, which included an admission that American Media had paid Ms. McDougal with the intention of aiding Mr. Trump’s 2016 election prospects.

I think being given this “executive advisor” role is just the corporate world’s way of saying “You are essentially fired, but we will try not to embarrass you too badly.” 

David Pecker is scum.

Which of course helps to explain why he was such good friends with Trump. 

I think the days of these supermarket tabloids are coming to an end, and I think that David Pecker helped that to accelerate that eventuality.