I don’t think I posted about it here but for the past week or so Bristol has been accusing Dakota of abandoning Tripp and saying that the boy is heartbroken over it. 

So in a recent Instagram live stream, Dakota explained what was really happening.

Courtesy of The Ashley’s Reality Roundup:

Dakota was quick to tell his side of this story, making fans aware that it is Bristol herself who is keeping him from having a relationship with Tripp.

“I never got the opportunity to [maintain my relationship with Tripp after my divorce,]” Dakota said. “I don’t have custody of Tripp. It’s hard enough for his own dad to get to see him!”

(Score one point for Dakota with that Grade-A shade!)

Dakota then revealed that he’s not allowed to contact Tripp without Bristol’s permission.

“When you have a stepchild you don’t get the rights to that stepchild when you get divorced,” he said. “If they’re under 18 you have to go through their mother to get them.

“Everything is everyone else’s fault with her,” Dakota added, before saying that he didn’t want to make things even harder for Tripp.

“Am I supposed to call Tripp up and mess with his mind and then when Bristol’s pissed with me, she’s not going to let me see him? I’m not going to mess with him. He’s had enough of that.”

I was a stepfather as well, and that by the way is the toughest job on the planet. 

But I had virtually no contact with my ex-wife’s kids after the divorce. 

There are exceptions to that rule, but in reality that is usually how things go down. 

Dakota also talked about how getting Bristol out of his life cured him.

“When you get rid of the cancer in your life, you can go live,” Dakota said.

He later added that, since his divorce from Bristol, he has not had to rely on medications to treat his PTSD and other mental health issues.

“We talk about anxiety, do you know how many shots I’ve had to get in my neck [for anxiety] lately? None,” Dakota said. “Since Bristol moved out of my house I haven’t had to get any shots in my neck. I haven’t had to take any Ketamine. I haven’t had to take any medication…

“Ask me how many anxiety attacks I have had since she’s moved out? Zero! Do I need to say anything else?” he added.

How long have I been telling people that Track Palin’s PTSD is not related to his time in the military, but related to the fact that he was raised in the Palin house by that crazy woman? 

I think Dakota more or less confirmed just that.