Well, this is intersting.

Courtesy of PA Homepage

High drama in Courtroom Number One of the federal courthouse in Scranton Friday when Christy came face-to-face with Dakota Meyer from Kentucky. Christy allegedly broke into Meyer’s Kentucky home in August 2018 and stole a vehicle and a rifle.

But Meyer’s appearance is very different than other prosecution witnesses. Meyer was once married to Bristol Palin, the daughter of former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. In 2011, Christy pleaded guilty to a federal harassment charge after making dozens of calls to an attorney in Alaska who represented the Palin family.

“I had never heard of Shawn Christy Through my ex-wife and ex-mother-in-law I heard about their situation. They dealt with Shawn Christy. I’d never met the person face-to-face until today,” Meyer said.

Meyer told the jury he feared for the safety of his one and two-year-old daughters and his ex-wife after and even hired armed security to protect his family.

“You take this man coming after, threatening my daughters, threatening my ex-wife, was threatening my family, and he showed up and broke into my house,” Meyer said.

Christy and Meyer had some tense exchanges during cross-examination. Christy insisting he never threatened Meyer or his family, but rather Meyer threatened him.

“I have the utmost empathy for this man. Not only do we have to live with what he’s put on us. But I couldn’t imagine living with what’s in his head and what he believes. And to live in a world where you question everything as much as he does, I have the utmost empathy for him and I hope he gets the help that he needs,” Meyer said.

Well good on Dakota for demonstrating a little empathy. 

That is certainly not a personality trait that is prevalent within the Palin family. 

As many of you know I interviewed Shawn Christy many years ago.

At the time it seemed as if he might be the latest victim of the litigious Palin clan, but after that interview, I realized that he was suffering from some significnat mental health issues, as was his father.