Can you even imagine how insecure about your manhood you would have to be to participate in something as pathetic as this?

Courtesy of WaPo:

Thousands of gun rights supporters from Virginia and across the country are gathered in Richmond for a rally in opposition to gun-control laws being advanced by the General Assembly’s new Democratic majority. After threats and indications of potential violence, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) ordered a state of emergency and banned guns from Capitol Square; other advocates that would normally come to the capitol for citizens’ Lobby Day are mostly staying away. Those willing to shed their weapons are now listening to a series of pro-gun speakers inside the secure area. Others who are armed are crowded in the streets outside the Capitol complex. Here’s some background on what you need to know, with live updates below:

By midmorning it was clear that gun advocates who had predicted an epic turnout were not exaggerating.

Thousands of people packed the streets around the Capitol. On Ninth Street, along the west side of Capitol Square, the sea of gun-toting, camouflage-wearing humanity was so thick people could not move. One group of burly men formed a chain, each holding the backpack of the one in front, to try to make headway down the hill through the crowd. Flags bristled from the throng — American flags, “Don’t Treat on Me” flags, militia flags. The crowds extended a block below, turned east along a state office building and came back up to the south entrance of the Capitol.

Squadrons of militias formed lines and executed marches, then sat along the curb and warmed their hands and rested their weapons.

If this kind of looks like a siege I think that is more or less the point. 

The idea, as I understand it, is to intimidate the Virginia lawmakers into relaxing gun control laws so that all of these totally not crazed people can continue to pack their houses with the kind of weaponry that makes it possible for them to sleep at night. 

They do not want to have to go through any of those sissy background checks that delay their gun ownership gratification, or which might reveal that sometimes they drink too much and smack their old lady around just to keep her in line. 

They want to get a gun when they want it, and not when the government says they have cooled down enough from the traffic incident which inspired this purchase to safely own one. 

After all if the founding fathers did not want them to own high capacity, semi-atuomatic firearms which were not even invented yet, they would have suggested that they belong to a “well regulated militia” or something, right?