Covering up sex crimes within the church is certainly not only a Catholic problem.

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Southern Baptists have a very similar problem.

Courtesy of the Houston Chronicle:

In all, since 1998, roughly 380 Southern Baptist church leaders and volunteers have faced allegations of sexual misconduct, the newspapers found. That includes those who were convicted, credibly accused and successfully sued, and those who confessed or resigned. More of them worked in Texas than in any other state.

They left behind more than 700 victims, many of them shunned by their churches, left to themselves to rebuild their lives. Some were urged to forgive their abusers or to get abortions.

About 220 offenders have been convicted or took plea deals, and dozens of cases are pending. They were pastors. Ministers. Youth pastors. Sunday school teachers. Deacons. Church volunteers.

Nearly 100 are still held in prisons stretching from Sacramento County, Calif., to Hillsborough County, Fla., state and federal records show. Scores of others cut deals and served no time. More than 100 are registered sex offenders. Some still work in Southern Baptist churches today.

Journalists in the two newsrooms spent more than six months reviewing thousands of pages of court, prison and police records and conducting hundreds of interviews. They built a database of former leaders in Southern Baptist churches who have been convicted of sex crimes.

The investigation reveals that:

• At least 35 church pastors, employees and volunteers who exhibited predatory behavior were still able to find jobs at churches during the past two decades. In some cases, church leaders apparently failed to alert law enforcement about complaints or to warn other congregations about allegations of misconduct.

• Several past presidents and prominent leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention are among those criticized by victims for concealing or mishandling abuse complaints within their own churches or seminaries.

• Some registered sex offenders returned to the pulpit. Others remain there, including a Houston preacher who sexually assaulted a teenager and now is the principal officer of a Houston nonprofit that works with student organizations, federal records show. Its name: Touching the Future Today Inc.

• Many of the victims were adolescents who were molested, sent explicit photos or texts, exposed to pornography, photographed nude, or repeatedly raped by youth pastors. Some victims as young as 3 were molested or raped inside pastors’ studies and Sunday school classrooms. A few were adults — women and men who sought pastoral guidance and instead say they were seduced or sexually assaulted.

This is yet another heartbreaking story of trusted caregivers and religious leaders preying on young people and leaving them emotionally scarred, frightened of intimacy, and unable to trust.

The damage done to these young victims is life long and can not only make them suicidal, filled with social anxiety, but also shape their behavior into that of a predator to continue the cycle indefinitely. 

The real troubling part is that often due to the automatic trust provided to religious leaders these monsters can deflect scrutiny and remain in positions of dominance for decades until they have racked up dozens of victims. 

It is clear that is why a number of pedophiles seek a life within the church.

Not because they are called by God, but because they recognize it as prime hunting ground which comes equipped with the perfect camouflage. 

And as long as people automatically assume that religion and morality go hand in hand that is unlikely to change. 

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  1. Skunkcabbage February 11, 2019 at 6:52 am

    I was raised in the Lutheran Church. My Father was a Church Leader. Didn’t stop him from all his affairs and mistresses over the years. I left the church as a young adult. Every time I am tempted to return to Christianity, I end up around another one of these charismatic hypocrites. The last one tried to seduce me under the guise of offering support while I was leaving my husband over his cheating. Happily Pagan and never returning.

  2. anon February 11, 2019 at 7:36 am

    When the parents themselves have untreated sexual abuse – for example, Sarah Palin – this sort of thing is normalized and is essentially invisible.
    And when god is separate, all bets are off.

  3. anon February 11, 2019 at 8:07 am

    OT? A Warning About ‘Being Perceived As A Bitch’ cat’s-paw theory
    ‘(They call it the “mink and manure belt” for the area’s mix of well-paid executives and horse farms.) ‘
    “She sees it differently now. EY’s lack of female leaders is no accident, she said, but the result of a hostile environment where women are demeaned, devalued and isolated. ” “She claims she was sexually harassed by her direct supervisor, Michael McNamara, who she said told her he liked her “great big boobs” and “nice ass” and worked to undermine her authority, stealing credit for her work.” “She said she experienced the kind of insidious sexual textbook harassment that has less to do with sex and more to do with power. Under threat, men in charge, just as she said McNamara did, may use harassment — hostile or inappropriate comments, exclusion, sexual overtures — to make a woman feel like an outsider and essentially keep her in her place.
    “snatch” & “titty bars.” -They didn’t exclude her from outings. In fact, they invited her to join them.
    “Harassment aims to shore up masculine workplace superiority,” Yale Law School professor Vicki Shultz explained in a recent paper.”
    “EY characterized these complaints as office politics.”

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  5. Delegate Eric Porterfield February 11, 2019 at 10:34 am

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