It looks like Eric might be in a little trouble here. 

Courtesy of WaPo:

The New York attorney general is investigating whether President Trump’s company misled lenders and taxing authorities by improperly inflating the value of his assets, according to a court filing on Monday.

The filing from Attorney General Letitia James (D) said that the Trump Organization has declined to hand over some documents that had been subpoenaed, and that the president’s son Eric has refused to be interviewed. James’s inquiry began 18 months ago, but James had not disclosed its focus or scope before Monday.

Eric Trump — now the day-to-day leader of his father’s company — agreed to an interview, and then canceled two days before, according to the filing. He has declined to set another date, citing “rights afforded to every individual under the Constitution” to justify refusing the subpoena for an interview, the attorney general said.

In addition, James said, Trump’s company has declined to produce any documentation to show it had paid the proper taxes when one of its lenders forgave more than $100 million of debt on the Trump hotel in Chicago.

The filing showed Trump’s company is now facing two advanced investigations into its finances in New York state — both focused on the years before he took office.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. (D) is separately looking into payoffs made in 2016 to women who alleged they had affairs with Trump — and Vance’s recent filings suggest that his probe may have expanded to cover other financial dealings at the company.

This is how Eric Trump responded to questions about why he will not testify and the company is ignoring subpoenas:

On Monday, Eric Trump responded to the filing by accusing James of politically motivated harassment, saying she had targeted the Trump Organization to punish its owner, the president. He suggested it was no accident James made the disclosure during the Republican National Convention.

“How could I ever possibly trust the legitimacy of a subpoena sent by someone who publicly campaigned on taking down my father and using her office to harass our family. She has called his presidency ‘illegitimate,’ ” Eric Trump said in a statement. “This type of targeting and harassment violates every ethical guideline of a prosecutor. It’s wrong.”

Eric is not wrong that Letitia James campaigned on investigating Trump and his shady business deals in New York. 

However, if there is nothing to find why would he and the organization no cooperate? 

I think Eric is afraid that the whole house of cards is about to come tumbling down, and that he might be one of the first cards to fall.