That is repulsive.

Courtesy of The Daily Mail

A sick couple kiss to celebrate killing a magnificent lion in a vile reminder of the blood lust in trophy hunting.

They call it sport. Lions and other magnificent beasts are corralled in a confined area and then slaughtered by paying customers.

Hunters are then allowed to bring the body parts back to the UK to be flaunted as sick trophies of their kills.

Today the Daily Mirror is calling for an end to the barbaric practice of trophy hunting in a campaign backed by politicians, celebrities and activists.

We are demanding the Government put an immediate ban on the import of animals shot for pleasure.

We also want an end to canned hunting – confining wild animals on small reserves just so they can be shot dead for a price.

I applaud the Daily Mail’s campaign to end trophy and canned hunting. 

These are barbaric activites that have no place in the modern world.