Works for me.

Courtesy of NPR:

Parler, founded in 2018, touts itself as “the world’s premier free speech platform.” On Saturday, CEO and co-founder John Matze said one of the privately-owned company’s early investors is Rebekah Mercer, who along with her father, hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, has been a backer of President Trump and is also a major donor to conservative causes including Breitbart News and former White House strategist Steve Bannon.

“John and I started Parler to provide a neutral platform for free speech,” Rebekah Mercer wrote on Parler on Saturday. She went on to condemn “the ever increasing tyranny and hubris of our tech overlords.”

The company puts few restrictions on what users can post. That has made it attractive to high-profile conservatives who claim Facebook and Twitter are censoring them, even though there is no evidence for these allegations of systemic anti-conservative bias.

Facebook and Twitter have stepped up their fight against misinformation in the weeks leading up to and following the election. They have removed groups, slapped warnings on posts, and reduced the spread of the most egregious false claims of voter fraud.

“The success of Parler is partly because people understand that they’re getting censored,” (Maria) Bartiromo said, while conducting an interview with Matze on her show. “Have Twitter and Facebook gone too far?” she asked.

“Once you start content curation and you start fact checking, you’re introducing bias,” Matze replied.

Radio host Mark Levin told listeners he was “fed up” with Facebook, where his page reaches 1.6 million followers, after the company restricted his account for repeatedly sharing false information.

“I want to strongly encourage you to leave Facebook and to follow me on Parler,” he said. “I won’t be looking at Facebook anymore.”

So now we might have conservatives receiving their “news” from Trump TV, or some other conservative rival of Fox News, and then talking about what they watched in this fact-free conservative bubble online. 

Oh yeah, the next couple of presidential elections should be a real hoot.

I just feel bad for the legitimate reporters who will have to join this right-wing sausage fest in order to report back to the mothership about the lunacy they witnessed.