What a moron!

Courtesy of The Hill:

A Denver radio station has canceled a conservative talk show after one of its hosts on Wednesday wished for a “nice school shooting” to interrupt the media coverage surrounding the impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Chuck Bonniwell, a conservative radio host, made the remarks during 710 KNUS’s “Chuck & Julie” afternoon program. After noting the “never-ending impeachment” of Trump, Bonniwell joked that “you wish for a nice school shooting to interrupt.”

Julie Hayden, his wife and co-host, immediately interjected, telling Bonniwell, “Don’t even say that.”

“No, don’t even say that. Don’t call us. Chuck didn’t say that,” she added, prompting Bonniwell to try and walk back the statement by saying he wouldn’t want anyone to “be hurt.”

Just hours later, 710 KNUS Denver released a statement saying that the radio show had been canceled following Bonniwell’s “inappropriate” remarks.

Well, you have to hand it to KNUS for such a quick response. 

Still you have to wonder what is wrong with these people who think tragedies like school shootings are appropriate subjects for mocking?

This is why there are few good conservative comedians. 

They find truly horrendous things humorous.