Congressional candidate Alyse Galvin claims that Don Young squeezed her hand so hard she screamed to get him to let go.

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That sounds like Don Young to me. 

Courtesy of KSLA:

Independent Alyse Galvin says her 85-year-old, Republican opponent is no longer an effective advocate for the sole U.S. House district in Alaska.

Incumbent Don Young counters by touting his 45 years in the House — the longest current tenure among members — as a boon for Alaska. He calls Galvin inexperienced and claims she would side with the most liberal part of the Democratic party.

Polling is traditionally unreliable in Alaska because of the large pockets of rural voters. But some surveys show Galvin closing the gap on Young in the spirited race in which Galvin has complained that Young shook her hand so hard, she screamed “that hurts!’ and called it a “cheap bullying tactic.”

Young said Galvin faked it.

“Well, of course,  it was staged,” Young told The Associated Press. “She just made that up.”

Here’s the problem with the “she made it up” defense, Don Young has done thing type of thing before. 

Remember this from 2014?

Courtesy of IM:

NBC News producer Frank Thorp V caught the late-for-the-conference-meeting Alaska Republican’s manhandling of an unsuspecting staffer on camera. Per Thorp’s Twitter feed, the aide had attempted to redirect Young to enter the already-in-progress GOP strategy session through another doorway when things got physical.

“While returning to the GOP conference meeting to discuss the ongoing situation on our southern border, I was caught off guard by an unidentified individual who was physically blocking me from reentering the room,” Young said in a statement. “Regardless, my reaction was wrong and I should have never placed my hands on the young man.”

Or perhaps you remember the time that Don Young claimed to have killed a man for touching him. 

Also courtesy of IM:

Earlier this month, according to the Alaska Dispatch News, Young’s Democratic challenger Forrest Dunbar said that he had put his hand on Young’s arm backstage while they were talking before a debate.

“He freaked out. There is no other way to describe it,” Dunbar told ADN. “He kind of snarled at me and said, ‘Don’t you ever touch me. Don’t ever touch me. The last guy who touched me ended up on the ground dead.'”

A radio station employee who was backstage confirmed to ADN that she heard Young, 81, saying “something about the last guy who touched me, blah, blah” to Dunbar, who is 30.

When Roll Call asked Young if “the last person who touched him ended up dead,” he said that yeah there “was some truth to it.”

So do I think that Young probably squeezed Alyse Galvin’s hand until she screamed, yeah, I think there is some truth to it.

I also think it is time for this asshole to be replaced by a politician who isn’t a giant dick and does not think they can bully people any damn time they want.   

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  1. Beaglemom November 3, 2018 at 4:57 am

    Above all else (and there’s a lot of “all else”), he’s just way too old for the job. He’ll have great benefits for the rest of his life and he won’t have to live in Alaska if he doesn’t want to. Alaskans, vote for his opponent.

  2. anonymous November 3, 2018 at 7:01 am

    Time to turf him out!

  3. REDRUM November 3, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    “He became Dean of the House of Representatives on December 5, 2017”

    “Young went into what has become a familiar pattern, boasting that all the major Alaska bills he likes in the past 45 years should be credited to him.

    “The Magnuson Act, that was my bill,” he said at the convention.

    “The trans-Alaskan pipeline, that was my bill. The 8(a) contract was my bill. The, what we call Community Development Quotas, was my bill,” A few minutes later he said the Indian Child Welfare Act was “my bill, with Mo Udall.”

    In fact, Young was not a sponsor or a co-sponsor 40 years ago of the Indian Child Welfare Act that he claims as “my bill.”
    It was sponsored by Rep. Mo Udall and 15 other Democrats.

    In an interview with UAF researchers about the career of Sen. Ted Stevens, Young griped in 2009 about not getting enough credit on the trans-Alaska pipeline and the Magnuson Act that set fisheries conservation policy.

    “On big legislation, for instance, and he used to take credit for this –twice he’s done this, and we’re dear friends, I let him get away from it, with it,” Young said of Stevens about the pipeline act in 1973.

    Stevens and Sen. Mike Gravel had been in Congress for five years, while Young had been in the House for four months when the key pipeline vote took place.”

    “In 1970, Begich ran again for the seat and was now successful by defeating the Republican banker Frank Murkowski, who later served as a U.S. senator and then as Governor of Alaska. In 1972 for his re-election, Begich was opposed by Republican state senator Don Young. Posthumously, Begich won the 1972 election, with 56% to Don Young’s 44%.
    However, after Begich was declared dead, a special election was held. Young won the seat and is still in the position.”

    “In November 2015, a Seattle Weekly story detailed the work of journalist of Jonathan Walczak, who since 2012 has investigated the plane crash and subsequent events in an effort to determine the fate of the flight that carried Begich and Boggs.
    Nick Jr., Nick Begich’s son, claims his father was assassinated by elements within the US government”

  4. Anonymous November 3, 2018 at 12:35 pm

    I believe that he was krass enough to do that. I believe Don is the carbon copy of Donald T. on a more lethal level. only he hides it better. and Don knows that the big business got his back and that’s made him a hundred times more arrogant. I am from ft Yukon and I see him as just another good old boy who like Sarah Palin likes to yuck it up as that all around Alaskan folk hero when he’s actually never quite lived in Alaska for quite some time. until he needs something from us. the rest of the time it’s like he’s telling us fuck off. I have real power backing me.

  5. Anonymous November 3, 2018 at 8:06 pm

    I would have screamed and dropped to my knees, making a lovely photo op. Then cradled my hands with tears welling in my eyes. Make me look weak? Given Don Young’s history I think he would bear the brunt of the damage. “Don Young breaks hand of his opponent in bullying handshake.” Yeah, those headlines would be brutal.

    And I’ll ask, what is it with Republicans and abusive hand shakes? Is Young trying to outdo Trump?

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