Now guess who’s in jail.

Courtesy of Law and Crime:

A Colorado man is accused of holding two roofing company salesmen at a gunpoint because he believed they were antifa. Scott Austin Gudmundsen, 65, faces two counts each of felony menacing, and false imprisonment, records show.

The incident in question happened Thursday, police said according to The Loveland Reporter-Herald. Officers responded to a report in which a caller claimed to see two members of antifa, cops said. So-called antifa (short for “anti-fascist”) protesters have been controversial during the Trump administration, sometimes being seen clashing with far-right groups like the Proud Boys.

A second person reported to officers that an armed man in tactical gear was holding two individuals at gunpoint on the ground, police said. That situation was resolved when cops took control, however, according to the account. The defendant was allegedly armed with two semiautomatic handguns.

It turned out that the two men being held at gunpoint told cops that they were door-to-door roofing salesmen doing work after a Monday night hailstorm. These workers were described as wearing surgical masks, and blue polo shirts and shorts, officers said. One of them was black. He was identified later as a 20-year-old football player for Colorado State University who works part-time for the company, according to 9 News.

The other alleged victim is 27 years old. Police said there’s no evidence they were engaging in wrongdoing.

This follows on the heels of other stories about people walking around heavily armed in their communities convinced that busloads of Antifa terrorists are on their way.

Courtesy of The Guardian:

Since Donald Trump tweeted recently that antifa would be declared a terrorist group, the term has gained broader currency on the American right and is seen as a dire threat. In fact, it simply means “anti-fascist” and is used to describe a wide spectrum of leftist and anarchist groups and individuals. It has no existence as a separate organization.

The FBI has said there is “no evidence”NBC News has reported of antifa involvement in violence linked to the Floyd protests and one supposed antifa group posting violent rhetoric on the internet was in fact linked to white supremacists.

But in the Idaho city of Coeur d’Alene groups of 30-50 men armed with semi-automatic weapons have occupied downtown streets on successive evenings this week, guarding against supposed busloads of radical leftists rumored to traveling from cities such as Spokane or Seattle, according to local residents and social media materials obtained by the Guardian.

Videos posted to social media by supporters of the vigilante groups showed dozens of people walking up and down a downtown shopping strip, with many open-carrying AR-15s and other semi-automatic long guns, and sporting tactical apparel.

In a cellphone video, as a videographer pans over the scene, he is heard to say: “If you guys are thinking of coming to Coeur D’Alene, to riot or loot, you’d better think again. Because we ain’t having it in our town.”

He adds: “I guess there’s a big rumor that people from Spokane are gonna come out here and act up. But that shit ain’t gonna happen.”

No, that “shit ain’t gonna happen.” Not because these Rambo wannabes are running around armed to the teeth, but because nonbody gives a snit about their podunk little town. 

But you can see how high strung these idiots have become. 

It would only take the tiniest spark to ignite this powderkeg and get possibly hundreds of people injured or killed due to a Facebook post or some conspiracy theory spouted by OANN.