CNN hires yet another conservative political operative.

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Courtesy of Vox:

CNN announced on Tuesday it has hired longtime Republican operative Sarah Isgur as political editor, charged with shaping its 2020 campaign coverage.

According to a CNN spokesperson, Isgur, who most recently worked as the Department of Justice’s main spokesperson under then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, will coordinate the network’s political coverage for the 2020 election cycle on TV and on CNN’s website. Isgur starts work next month, and will not be involved in coverage of DOJ. She will occasionally appear on TV.

Isgur’s LinkedIn page indicates she has no journalism experience. She has, however, worked for a variety of right-wing organizations and campaigns, including the Carly Fiorina and Mitt Romney presidential bids, the Republican National Committee, and a Ted Cruz US Senate campaign.

She also supported those doctored Planned Parenthood videos.

Oh yeah, she’s just filled with journalistic integrity. 

So what, is CNN just going to become Fox News lite now? 

They already have a number of former conservative operatives and spokespeople who bring nothing to the table but dried up old Republican talking points.

I see MSNBC’s ratings climbing ever higher if this is where CNN wants to go. 

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  1. Anonymous February 21, 2019 at 3:39 am

    Awwww, did big bad CNN get their widdle fee fees hurt so bad over the fake news label that they adopted the “if you can’t beat ’em. join ’em” stance? So much for journalistic integrity. Pussies.

  2. Anonymous February 21, 2019 at 8:12 am

    “The Democratic National Committee has sought and received assurances from CNN that the network’s new politics editor,
    Sarah Isgur, will not be involved in the debates that the channel hosts and moderates for the Democratic primary.”<RiiiggghhhttT

    "Wheeler specifically mentioned pro-Trump money manager Ed Butowsky as having coordinated between Fox News and Trump administration officials, including Isgur, on advancing the claims that Rich was the source of the leaks.

    According to text messages included in Wheeler’s federal complaint, Butowsky claimed to have kept in regular contact with Isgur—along with Trump White House then-spokesman Sean Spicer and then-chief strategist Steve Bannon—regarding the Seth Rich story. (The lawsuit was dismissed in 2018 by a federal judge who said Wheeler failed to prove he was misquoted.)

    Wheeler recounted meeting with Isgur on April 19, 2017, although their conversation did not concern Seth Rich. However, while discussing that meeting, the complaint said, Butowsky texted Wheeler, boasting, “She knows me well. Tell her I said hello. Let her know why I was calling her, Seth Rich. Ask her to keep it quiet because we don’t know [ ] who the good or the bad people are anymore. But we know she’s one of the really good ones.”"

  3. Anonymous February 24, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    I love MSNBC and haven’t watched CNN for several years. Many years ago CNN was my go to channel for news, but as the years went by I liked them less and less, no particular reason, they were just not that interesting to me. At the same time, I found that MSNBC had hosts I liked (especially Rachel) with the in depth presentations I prefer.

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