You know I still sometimes get stressed out reading Trump’s Twitter account because despite working in the mental health field for decades I am still not completely convinced that crazy is not contagious. 

As you can see from the disclaimer on these tweets Trump’s allegations are not factually based. 

In fact, Michigan has recently certified some votes that the Republicans challenged.

Courtesy of The Hill:

The board of canvassers in Michigan’s largest county reversed course late Tuesday, voting unanimously to certify the election results after initially being deadlocked in a party-line vote.

The Michigan secretary of state’s office confirmed that the Wayne County Board of Canvassers voted by a 4-0 margin to certify the election results in Wayne County, which is heavily Democratic and includes Detroit, and that the board is requesting that Jocelyn Benson, the state’s top elections official, investigate any discrepancies in vote totals.

The unanimous decision marks a 180-degree turn from just hours earlier Tuesday night when the panel’s two Republicans voted against certification, sparking celebrations from the GOP and an uproar from Democrats who said the initial vote was simply delaying the inevitable.

Republicans had refused to certify the election after some absentee ballot poll books in Detroit were found to be out of balance, but liberal lawmakers and activists flooded the panel with criticism given that a similar mismatch in the August primaries and general election in 2016 did not prevent the body from certifying those results.

President-elect Joe Biden currently has a nearly 150,000-vote lead over President Trump in Michigan, which was called in Biden’s favor, and a nearly 40-point lead in Wayne County, a Democratic hub.

Now perhaps the most ridiculous part of this whole ridiculous mess is that the votes Trump claims were fraudulent come from the Detroit area which always skews hard for the Democrats.

So even if there were some extra ballots, which is, of course, disputed, then it is highly unlikely to have changed the outcome.  

So why is Trump beating this dead horse so damn hard?

Probably because he is clinging to literally anything that might prove even a minor case of voter fraud so that he can then claim to have been cheated out of his win and that will help him to eventually move on. 

Trump simply cannot accept that he lost legitimately, but if he believes the election was stolen that will, in some bizarre way, make it easier to walk away. 

If that sounds crazy to you, that’s because it is.