Unfortunately for Todd one of the fairy tales that the letter pointed to was the Biblical version of Noah’s Ark. 

So as you can imagine the Right-Wing lost their shit. 

Courtesy of the Washington Examiner

Chuck Todd highlighted a letter to the editor that claimed anyone who believes in “fairy tales” such as the Biblical story of Noah’s ark supports the president during a special ripping President Trump.

Todd used the full hour on Sunday’s Meet the Press to discuss disinformation campaigns, which he compared to Trump propaganda. As part of the special, he referenced a letter to the editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader by David Bowles. In the letter, Bowles claimed people only support Trump because they believe his “fairy tales.”

“The question of the decade is: Why do people support President Donald Trump? We all know why white supremacists do, that is obvious. But why do good people support Trump? It’s because people have been trained from childhood to believe in fairy tales,” Bowles wrote.

He later continued, “The more fairy tales and lies he tells, the better they feel. Trump is a master liar who knows what makes people feel good and that is what he goes with. […] Show me a person who believes in Noah’s ark and I will show you a Trump voter. There are multiple solid scientific reasons the ark did not happen. Some people learn this and some don’t, and those who don’t will accept Trump. But can the world survive on fairy tales?”

Todd called the letter a “fascinating attempt to try and explain why some people support President Trump” and suggested that perhaps “voters want to be lied to” sometimes.

Oddly enough there was very little mention of this part of the segment on regular news outlets because I imagine that the majority of the people who heard it went, “Yep, that makes sense.”

However if you are a fundamentalist Chirstian Trump supporter you felt personally attacked and that is who is currently filling Chuck Todd’s email inbox with misspelled angry missives, in all capital letters of course, about what a clown he is and that he is clearly part of the “deep state.” 

That is really the problem with people who base their lives on a belief in fairy tales, if you start labeling them as fairy tales it challenges their understanding of reality and they will fight to stay ignorant until their dying breath. 

Speaking of fairy tales it appears that Chuck Todd believed in at least one of his own, and that was the fairy tale that you could ever trust a single thing that came out of Donald Trump’s mouth. 

Courtesy of Rolling Stone:

RS: Let me bring you back a little bit. Were you surprised by the consistency that the Trump administration was willing to spread disinformation with Sean Spicer’s initial press briefing when he lied about the crowd size at the inauguration? Were you surprised that the president and other administration officials and their allies just kept it going?

Todd: I fully admit, listening to you ask that question now, and me giving you the honest answer of, yeah, I guess I really believed they wouldn’t do this. Just so absurdly naive in hindsight. Donald Trump’s entire life has been spent using misinformation. His entire life. I’ve spent years studying him now on trying to figure out how did this guy even learn politics? Where did he learn?

And the more you learn, you realize he learned at the feet of a master of deception in Roy Cohn, who learned at the feet of the original master of deception of sort of the modern political era in Joe McCarthy. So I mean, look, if people want to read my answer to your question, “Boy, that Chuck Todd was hopelessly naive.” Yeah, it looks pretty naive.

Oh yeah, Cuck Todd was most definitely naive, which is not a good look for a so-called journalist. 

However I will not jump on the shame Chuck Todd train because I watch a lot of news and I see that there are still journalists out there who feel they have to give Trump’s words the benefit of the doubt. 

That is dead wrong, nothing that Trump says should ever be treated as potentially truthful, because it is NEVER truthful. 

As that letter states, Trump supporters like to believe in fairy tales and Donald Trump consistently gives them exactly what they want. 

And that is why they love him.