Courtesy of The Daily Beast:

Todd, meanwhile, pressed forward and asked the conservative senator whether or not he believed that Ukraine meddled in the election—a talking point that has gained more traction among Republicans lately.

“I do. And I think there is considerable evidence,” Cruz replied.

“You do?” Todd shot back, expressing shock. “You do?!”

Todd went on to remind Cruz about the president’s own smear campaign against him during the 2016 GOP presidential primary when they were both fighting for the Republican nomination.

“Senator, this sort of strikes me as odd because you went through a primary campaign with this president,” the Meet the Press anchor noted. “He launched a birtherism campaign against you. He went after your faith; he threatened to quote ‘spill the beans’ about your wife about something. He pushed a National Enquirer story, which we now know he had a real relationship with the editors.”

“I appreciate you dragging up all that garbage, that’s very kind of you,” Cruz snarked back.

“Let me ask you this,” Todd continued. “Is it not possible that this president is capable of creating a false narrative about somebody in order to help him politically?”

You might remember that Chuck Todd had a similar conversation with Senator John Kennedy just last weekend. 

So this is now becoming a recurring theme on MTP.

I used to give Chuck Todd a lot of shit, and deservedly so in my opinion, but he is really starting hold these Trump supporters’ feet to the fire. 

Ted Cruz sold his soul to the devil three years ago, but Todd still managed to fluster him with those reminders of what Trump did to his family back in 2016.