Courtesy of Yahoo News

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer warned President Trump on Tuesday that Democrats would not go along with creating a commission to promote the administration’s climate-change stance.

The White House has been assembling what it calls the Presidential Committee on Climate Security, the Washington Post reported last week, and chose a prominent climate change denier, William Happer, an emeritus physics professor at Princeton University, to head it.

“I’m announcing that if the Trump administration moves forward with this fake climate panel, we’ll be introducing legislation to defund it. … It is long past time for President Trump and Republican leaders to admit that climate change is real, that human activity contributes to it and Congress must take action,” Schumer, D-N.Y., said in remarks delivered on the Senate floor.

The panel’s purpose, the Post reported, is to challenge the mainstream consensus, reflected in recent reports from government agencies, that climate change poses a serious national security and environmental risk.

While it’s unlikely, given the Republican majority in the Senate, that Schumer and the Democrats can actually defund the panel, the threat comes at a time when the parties have been facing off over climate change and whether the government should takes steps to address it.

I would like to point out that it is unlikely Schumer and the Democrats can actually defund the panel YET.

2020 is coming and if this committee manages to come together before then there is no way it survives that election. 

I can almost guarantee that the new Senators and Congresspeople elected in the next elections will be in virtual lockstep in wanting to address climate change in a real, substantive, and fact-based manner. 

In other words, we are seeing the fossil fuel industry losing their grip on our politicians and quite soon their influence will be only a terrible distant memory. 

I only hope I live to see the day when NO politician in this country is willing to carry water for the oil, gas, and coal industries.