Yes, this is the guy behind the Russia dossier.

Courtesy of The Guardian

Boris Johnson and Theresa May ignored claims the Kremlin had a “likely hold” over Donald Trump and may have covertly funded Brexit, the former spy Christopher Steele alleges in secret evidence given to MPs who drew up the Russia report.

In testimony to MPs, the MI6 veteran accused the government led by May and in which Johnson was foreign secretary for two years of turning a blind eye to allegations about Trump because they were afraid of offending the US president.

Steele first presented a dossier about Trump to senior UK intelligence figures in late 2016, who he says took it seriously at first. But, he writes, “on reaching top political decision-makers, a blanket appeared to be thrown over it”.

“No inquiries were made or actions taken thereafter on the substance of the intelligence in the dossier by HMG [Her Majesty’s government],” Steele says in the critical document.

The allegation is contained in a short summary of a larger file of information presented in August 2018 by Steele to parliament’s intelligence and security committee (ISC), inquiring into Kremlin infiltration into British politics and public life.

Steele accuses May’s government of selling British interests short by not taking matters further: “In this case, political considerations seemed to outweigh national security interests. If so, in my view, HMG made a serious mistake in balancing matters of strategic importance to our country.”

I know there are a lot of right-wingers who want to dismiss Christopher Steele as a discredited agent of the Left, but I would point out that nothing in his dossier has been disproven, and that most of his allegations against Trump have been reinforced by Trump;’s behaviors while in office. 

And that includes the fact that Vladimir Putin clearly has Trump in his pocket and is to this day the only foreign leader that Trump has never dared to criticize despite the fact that the Kremlin has been aggressively hacking our computers and spreading disinformation on social media ever since 2016. 

In fact, just recently former national security adviser John Bolton had this to say about Trump and Putin:

“I think Putin thinks he can play him like a fiddle. “

Donald Trump is Putin’s little bitch and Christopher Steel tried to alert us to that fact way back in 2016. 

And not only should the British government have taken him seriously, but so should those of us in America.