Courtesy of Dead State

Along with disseminating bizarre and religiously apocalyptic conspiracy theories, Rick Wiles likes to make predictions (that so far haven’t come true). This summer, he appeared on his TruNews TV show and warned that a plot was underway to kidnap President Trump from the White House and behead him — all orchestrated by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. Now, his latest prediction is even more-dire.

On last night’s edition of his show Wiles did his part to get people motivated to vote in this November’s midterm elections, and what’s a better way to get people motivated than to freak them out about an impending second holocaust?

“This Marxist-communist Antichrist revolution that is in full bloom in the United States of America, this thing is anti-Christian,” Wiles declared in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch.

“They hate God,” he continued, presumably referring to Democrats. “These people are against God. These people love to abort babies. They love to promote sexual immorality. Everything that drives them is in opposition to God and his moral laws. That is the centerpiece of their agenda.”

Wiles likened a potential blue wave in the midterms to past ‘Marxist-communist’ takeovers where the next move was to “immediately kill the pastors.”

“They immediately kill Christians. They immediately burn the churches. Why? Because the cross is their enemy. Do not be fooled by what’s happening in America,” he warned.

Wait. did I miss a memo or something? 

I mean I am completely out of the loop here. When did we plan all of this? 

Oh, that’s right, we didn’t. 

This is just more crazy talks from a desperate Right Wing that seems unable to fathom the idea that there are millions of Democratic Christian who simply do not share their point of view on politics. 

By the way what exactly is a “Marxist-communist Antichrist?” 

I read the whole Bible, never saw that once.