Wait, what?

Courtesy of Dead State

Members of this prominent northern California church believe they can heal the sick and raise the dead through prayer. Even so, the church is encouraging followers to wash their hands and is urging anyone who falls ill to stay home.

Bethel church is even canceling missionary trips and imploring its faith healers to stay away from local hospitals, The Sacramento Bee reports.

Leaders at the Redding-based church are keeping in contact with health officials but have yet to cancel services for the 6,300 faithful who attend each week in one of the largest gatherings in northern California.

“Through email communications, signage, and church announcements, we are actively encouraging health practices and precautions to our whole community,” said church spokesman Aaron Tesauro in an email. “We believe that wisdom, modern medicine, and faith are meant to work together, and express the value for each in the pursuit of continued health and healing.”

Okay on the one hand, good for them for watching out for the safety of their parishioners. 

But on the other hand, WTH?

Listen if the Coronavirus finally convinces people that they cannot simply rely on prayer to cure their health problems then it will be my all time favorite pandemic ever. 

I am still constantly amazed that there are still so many people this gullible in the world.