Charter schools rip off California for 50 million dollars.

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Not even a little surprised by this. 

Courtesy of WaPo:

A network of charter schools in California stole more than $50 million from the state by creating phantom institutions that enrolled unwitting students it found through other schools and youth programs, prosecutors said Wednesday.

A3 Education recruited small public school districts to sponsor the charter schools in exchange for oversight fees. Prosecutors say A3 enrolled about 40,000 students throughout the state, none of whom received any services.

The company that operated a network of 19 online-only schools is accused of paying sports leagues as little as $25 a student for information used for enrollment. School districts are funded by the state based on the number of students.

The students didn’t know how their names were being used, said San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan, calling them victims.

“These kids are being used for just a name and the ability to pull money using their name, and then the paperwork, a lot of is just manufactured,” Stephan said at a news conference.

Prosecutors identified Sean McManus, 46, and Jason Schrock, 44, as the ringleaders. They didn’t immediately return phone messages seeking comment. McManus is believed to be in Australia.

The 235-page indictment is another black eye for charters, at a perilous time for what was once a thriving sector, especially in California.

I don’t have any faith in charter schools and never will. 

As far as I am concerned their entire purpose is to steal taxpayer money from public schools and lure away the higher functioning students while leaving the local schools poorer and servicing a more challenging group of students. 

Then they get to brag about higher test scores and graduation rates while the local public schools get little to no credit for educating those left behind. 

If we want a better education for our kids then give public school teachers the money, resources, and respect they deserve for doing what is often a thankless job. 

I worked in public schools, trust me a little of that goes a long way. 

Oh, and by the way, public schools don’t typically defraud the government. 

I’m just saying. 

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