Who can blame them?

Courtesy of NPR:

Canadians are typically seen as pretty friendly people, and until the coronavirus pandemic, most were happy to welcome Americans.

But when the coronavirus began to quickly spread in March, the U.S. and Canada shut their shared border to all nonessential traffic.

Since then, Canada’s border patrol has effectively prevented caravans of Americans — and their RVs and their campers — from surging across the border as they normally do each summer.

But Americans can be crafty.

Some have managed to enter Canada by telling border patrol officers that they are on their way to Alaska. This is known as the “Alaska loophole.”

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police fined several Americans who were hiking near Lake Louise in Alberta. Lake Louise is not on the way to Alaska.

Fed up, Canada announced last week that it is cracking down on Americans who apparently don’t know which way is north.

The interlopers are also arriving by boat:

Foreigners are also arriving by boat, often on sailboats and luxury yachts. Many seek refuge in British Columbia’s protected inland waters and marine parks, which are home to pods of killer whales and abundant wildlife.

But the number of American pleasure craft arriving from Washington state has alarmed Canadians living just across the border.

For George Creek, a former insurance agent, whose home overlooks Nanaimo Harbor in British Columbia, it has been a call to action.

“A number of us that are retired boaters and still members of the Council of BC Yacht Clubs started looking at the number of American boats that were crossing our border, in spite of the prohibition by the federal government,” says Creek, president of BC Marine Parks Forever.

Creek estimates that right now some 30 to 40 American pleasure boats are cruising through British Columbia’s pristine waterways.

In order to avoid detection, many of these Americans are turning off the transponders on their vessels. 

This, of course, has many Canadians very concerned for obvious reasons:

“When I called the U.S. the biggest petri dish in the world, that was not just off the cuff,” says Creek.

He’s not wrong. 

It is bad enough that the American people have revealed themselves to be the dumbest people on the planet, it is just unconscionable that we would travel to other countries to infect them through our stupidity. 

Personally I think that Canada should consider building a wall. 

Or better yet just start shooting Americans who jump the border. 

Americans will totally support a Candian’s right to bear arms and defend their land. Right?

And let’s face it the most dangerous people on the planet right now are the Americans. 

Go ahead, try to disagree with that.