Good for them.

Courtesy of CTV News:

The partial closure of Canada’s border with the United States is being extended another month, to Oct. 21, both countries announced Friday.

Crossings of the border have been largely restricted to trade goods, essential workers and citizens returning home since March, in an attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and his American counterpart, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, each tweeted the latest one-month extension of the closure agreement.

“We will continue to base our decisions on the best public health advice available to keep Canadians safe,” Blair wrote.

The pandemic has raged in the United States throughout the spring and summer, and cases in Canada have recently started rising again as well.

Yes, cases in Canada are back on the rise, but their daily totals are still dwarfed by more than half of the states in America. 

I think Canada would be well within their rights to erect their own permanent wall to keep Americans out of their country. 

We are not only the most infectious nation on the planet but we also carry destructive political ideas and hateful prejudices that can only negatively impact Canada in the long run. 

So Canada can keep us out as long as they see fit in my opinion, my only question is whether or not they will continue to accept political refugees.