Canada got their first surge of cases at roughly the same time as America, around mid-March. 

And at first, just likes us, they were caught flat-footed. 

But instead of ignoring the severity of the problem and trying to minimize criticism over their initial response, the Candian government learned from their mistakes, listened to the experts, and quickly got a handle on how to mitigate the spread of the virus in their country. 

They are not perfect, they are no New Zealand, but they did a hell of a lot better than the US did in their response. 

Currently, Canada has just over 105,000 total cases, 8.674 deaths, and almost 70,000 recoveries. (Link)

By contrast, America has just under three million cases, over 132,000 deaths, and only 1,260,739 recoveries. (Link)

In Europe, most of the countries are also handling this far better than we have.

By anybody’s standards, we fucked this up royally. 

It did not have to be this bad, it simply didn’t. 

And if we want it to get better moving forward we simply have to get rid of Donald Trump and as many of the Republicans who support him as possible. 

I don’t know about all of you but I want to live in a country that is a lot more like Canada right now, then the one in which I am currently residing. 

And to make that happen all we have to do is vote.