Oh, this is sad.

Courtesy of WaPo:

Sharing his regret on Facebook, Thomas Macias was focused on his loved ones.

“Because of my stupidity I put my mom and sisters and my family’s health in jeopardy,” the California truck driver wrote in a post his family shared with The Washington Post. He’d gone out to a party where no one wore masks, his niece Danielle Lopez said, only to learn afterward that someone knowingly attended with the novel coronavirus, apparently reasoning — erroneously — that without symptoms, it couldn’t do anyone harm.

But 51-year-old Macias was also at risk, made extra vulnerable by his diabetes and weight, Lopez said. The morning after that June 20 Facebook post, he called his mother saying he couldn’t breathe. She told him to rush to the hospital.

By 9 p.m., family say, he had died.

Perhaps, Lopez said, her uncle would not have gone out if their Southern California county had not been reopening and if people hadn’t thought the virus’s threat was easing.

“It was absolutely preventable,” Lopez told The Post.

Family say Macias was diligent for months about minimizing his trips outside the home, knowing his health conditions made him vulnerable. But Macias was also a social creature, they said, calling his mom every day and eager to see his loved ones.

I think all of us can relate to this guy feeling isolated and wanting desperately to reconnect with friends and family. 

And here he is hearing that the worst of it is over and now he can finally relax and return to some semblance of normalcy. 

It is too bad he died while beeling such regret, but hopefully by posting what he did and people taking the time to read it, he might save more lives. 

Remember we are all responsible for keeping ourselves and our community safe from this virus, and the best way to do that is to mask up and respect social distancing.