This just makes good sense.

Courtesy of CNN:

In the wake of mass shootings around the country, the mayor of one California city wants to require all gun owners to carry liability insurance for their weapons — or pay a fee to help shoulder the public costs of gun violence.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo proposed the local ordinance on Monday, and if passed by the city council, it could become the nation’s first such requirement. Similar state legislation is also being considered in Massachusetts and New York.

The proposal comes just two weeks after a shooting left three people dead and injured more than 12 in Gilroy, California — about thirty miles away from San Jose.

Offering just “thoughts and prayers” was not enough for the San Jose mayor after two families in his city lost children in the Gilroy shooting.

“While this is far from a complete solution, it is something we can do to reduce the harms of firearms, without waiting for Congress to take action,” Mayor Liccardo said in a press release.

According to Liccardo’s proposal, the insurance would cover “accidental discharge of the gun, and for the intentional acts of third parties who steal, borrow, or otherwise acquire the gun.” It would not cover “liability of the policyholder for his or her own intentional conduct.”

The requirement will not apply to sworn employees of law enforcement agencies.

Why is this not already a thing all around the country?

I have liability isnurance on my car. 

My homeowner’s insurance exists just in case some fucking moron slips on the ice on my front porch and cracks his head open on the driveway, but you don’t have to have insurance in case your instrument of death does the thing that it was created to do? 

How does that make any sense? 

This would by no means solve gun violence, but it would certianly be a good start in holding these idiots responsible for owning something that places all of us in danger.