Courtesy of The Independent:

Donald Trump Jr.’s attacks on presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden have been used to denounce Donald Trump in a new advert.

It sees Trump Jr’s comments on Mr Biden used to denounce the US president as “incompetent” instead.

The video also includes criticism over the United State’s coronavirus death toll, Trump administration nepotism, and supporters “who don’t want him [Donald Trump]”.

“This guy is the epitome of the swamp,” says Trump Jr. in the advert. “The entire family have enriched themselves”.

Titled “Bye Don Jr”, the advert was posted online on Monday night by the progressive political action committee, MeidasTouch.

This is how you make an attack ad folks.

It will never stop cracking me up that literally everything that the Trump family accuses of other of, is true of them. 

Criminal behavior? Check!

Nepotism? Double check!

Ignorance and mental health issues? Check!

It’s like they practice their criticism of others while standing in front of a mirror, and get confused.