Courtesy of The Hill:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson referred to President Trump as the United States’s “previous president,” on Wednesday but dodged a question about whether he has talked to the U.S. leader about refusing to concede to President-elect Joe Biden.

The British prime minister, who has shared a friendly relationship with Trump throughout his presidency, spoke about his call with Biden while addressing the House of Commons, referring to the exchange as “refreshing” and “excellent.”

The British leader said he and the soon-to-be president discussed major issues that affect both countries, including human rights, his support for NATO, global free trade and combating climate change on the call.

During Johnson’s address, member of Parliament Angela Eagle said Johnson spoke for many of the Parliament members when he congratulated Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their “emphatic win” in the 2020 election.

She then pressed the prime minister by asking if he had “any advice for his erstwhile best friend, President Trump, whose continuing refusal to accept the results is both embarrassing for him and dangerous for American Democracy?”

Johnson reiterated that he had a strong relationship with Trump, calling him the “previous president” while appearing to dodge the question about the president’s refusal to concede.

“Well,” Johnson said, while standing up and addressing the speaker of the House of Commons, “I had and have a good relationship with the previous president … it is the duty of all British prime ministers to have a good relationship with the White House.”

Boris Johnson was one of the few allied leaders that Trump seemed to get along with so you know the fact that he does not support Trump’s position that the election has not yet been decided irritating. 

Of course, the reality is that Biden has already received numerous congratulations from leaders all over the world including from France, Canada, Germany, Ireland, South Korea, Turkey, etc.. 

The whole world is quite aware of who won the election even if Donald Trump himself remains stubbornly defiant.