Wait, what?

Courtesy of The Independent

A British journalist has said he was stopped at a US airport by a border agent who accused the writer of being part of the “fake news media”, a term regularly used by Donald Trump to attack media coverage he disapproves of.

James Dyer, online editor-in-chief at Empire Magazine, said he was questioned by the Customs and Border Protection agent after he displayed his journalist visa at Los Angeles International Airport border control.

“He wanted to know if I’d ever worked for CNN or MSNBC or other outlets that are ‘spreading lies to the American people’,” Mr Dyer tweeted of the incident on Thursday. “He aggressively told me that journalists are liars and are attacking their democracy.”

CNN and MSNBC are cable news channels which receive particular scorn from the president.

“Apparently the only truth now comes from YouTube and the president. All this said under a CBP sign that says ‘we are the face of our nation’. And with a framed picture of 45 staring down. In f***ing California!!! Welcome to Trump’s America!” Mr Dyer added.

Well I guess we are finally a third world dictatorship. 

“Welcome to the home of the 1st Amendment, where the press is respected just as long as they report what we fucking tell them to report” 

I don’t know what is sadder about this story.

The fact that it happened or the fact that I am so numb that I am no longer able to be shocked that it happened.