I know, I know, you thought Bristol was playing all nicey nice with her first baby daddy, but keep in mind that a Palin never lets go of a grudge. 

Courtesy of People Magazine

“Things with Levi haven’t always been decent,” Palin tells her younger sister, Piper, in PEOPLE’s exclusive clip of Monday’s Teen Mom: OG episode.

In 2008, the former couple welcomed son Tripp Johnston when she was 17 years old.

“We were like high school sweethearts, and then I got pregnant junior year,” explains Palin, 28. “And then we broke up like right after Tripp was born.”

“And he wasn’t really part of Tripp’s life,” the mother of three says of Levi, 28, who is now married to Sunny Oglesby. “Just like really sporadic. Tripp didn’t spend the night with him until he was almost 4.”


Look I have had a fly on the wall perspective on this custody thing since Tripp was about a year old. 

I knew about things from Tank Jones and Rex Butler at first, and then later his sister Mercede, and his mom.  (Levi’s mom was the first person to reveal that Bristol did not get knocked up accidentally as she claimed, but that she had planned to get pregnant and then lied about it for years afterward.)

From the very beginning, everything that Levi did was to try and get custody of his son. 

The ONLY reason that Tripp did not spend the night with his father until he was four is that Bristol would not allow it. Period. 

So for Bristol to now act the innocent and claim that “things with Levi have not always been decent,” is vomit inducing. 

Levi is not a perfect person, but literally, everything that he did including the Playgirl shoot, the TV appearances, the book deal, and even eventually coming to me for help was all about keeping his son in his life. 

That was his sole focus. And it is also why he likely agreed to be part of this stupid reality show. 

Trust me, Dakota is now getting a first-hand look at what Levi has had to deal with for the last ten years. 

Courtesy of The Daily Mail:

‘She’s an obnoxious smart a*s,’ Dakota raged to the Teen Mom producer.

‘She thinks that when she makes a decision everyone should just bow down and run to her help and make it happen, and it’s like, she’s not my problem anymore.’

‘I get upset about it because I have another 16 years to communicate with a human being like this over my daughters.’

Get used to it buddy, this is who these Palins are. 

Hey, maybe Levi and Dakota should get together and pitch their own reality show.

They could call it “Surviving the Palins,” and invite Joey Junker, Jordan Loewe, and Gino Paoletti to join the cast. 

It could be quite entertaining.

Hell, even I might watch it.