bsmp2 bittersweet Christmas without my babes for the first time (ever). thankful my sis has these sweet pea’s to love on 💕 as lonely as it can feel without a white picket fence – there’s plenty to be thankful for, our God is so good.

Well on the plus side she has finally come up to see her sister’s babies. 

I actually feel a little sympathetic towards Bristol about this.

I also had to spend many Christmases away from my little girl due to a custody agreement and it sucks. 

Of course I should point out that the reason Levi has missed so many birthdays and Christmases with his son is because she made the choice to take him out of state, so it is a little difficult to get too worked up over her pain. 

Perhaps now she finally understands what she put him through. 

But not likely, after all she is a Palin and empathy is not their thing.