Wait, her supposedly super Christian mother did not baptize her?

Courtes yof the Daily Mail:

Bristol Palin missed her sister Willow’s baby shower in Alaska over the weekend, and instead, stayed in Texas to get baptized with her son, Tripp.

The 28-year-old mother-of-three took to Instagram on Sunday — the day after her younger sister’s shower — to share photos of herself and her son in the baptismal pool at Christian Life Austin, a non-denominational church near their home.

While Bristol reaffirmed her faith, Willow, 25, celebrated the impending arrival of her twin girls with the help of their mother, Sarah Palin, and their younger sister, Piper, 18, who assisted in planning her shower.

Clearly the rift between Bristol and Willow, that seemed to open up when Bristol refused to attend her sister’s wedding because crazy eyed older brother Track was invited, has not yet healed. 

You would think that since her mother is going through a panful divorce and her sister is about to push a human being out of her coochie that Bristol would take time off from pimping her poop tea on Instagram to come up to Alaska to offer her moral support. 

After all Willow appeared on her crappy reality show a couple of times to inject a little personality so it is the least she could do.

But apparently not. 

So much for that one big happy family lie that the pro-Palin trolls keep shopping around.