I swear if the words “What’s in it for us?” is not written in needlepoint on a pillow in the Palin house, it certainly should be. 

Courtesy of Page Six:

The “Teen Mom” star admitted in a new clip obtained by Page Six that she’s still having money issues with Johnston — and her situation with Meyer isn’t any better.

“I am so frustrated with Levi,” Palin tells her friend Kim in the clip. “There was a contract that was sent that Levi needs to sign for Tripp’s dance competition show so that Tripp could obtain payment.”

Tripp, 9, competed on “Dancing With the Stars: Juniors” this summer. He went by the name Tripp Johnston Palin, although his legal name is Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. He was eliminated in the show’s first episode that aired in October.

“Levi refuses to sign this contract, saying that he has zero interest in the money that Tripp makes. And you have to do this. It’s like universal. Just like I had to sign the exact same one. But they’re not going to pay Tripp into his trust account until it says that Levi has no interest in it and he’s had this piece of paper for two months now.”

Yeah, no this would not be the same contract that Bristol signed, because as Tripp’s primary guardian she has control over any account the money is placed in, while Levi is being asked to sign away any say over how that money is spent. 

By the way the last time Levi was here at the house I asked him about this “college fund” that Bristol and her supporters keep talking about, and he said that he has never been shown any evidence of any such account. 

In the clip, Bristol claims she is worried about talking to Levi about this because they are getting along so well. 

I think what she is really worried about is that Levi will demand to see evidence of this trust account, and Bristol will be caught in yet another lie. 

“It’s just frustrating to me because you don’t ask about his school or anything like that, so why all of a sudden are you concerned?” she told her friend. “Could you even start paying for these tickets for your son to go visit you?”

Hey if you had not dragged his child out of state so that he could be emotionally damaged while watching your marriage fall apart, Levi would not have to come up with the money for plane tickets several times a year. 

Personally, I think Bristol should pony up for those tickets, as well as the therapy that Tripp is definitely going to need in the next few years. 

“All these trigger points with my ‘baby daddies,’ as Jerry Springer says, it all comes from money,” she said with a laugh. “And I don’t know what I’m doing wrong to have these terrible relationships with Dakota and with Levi and if there’s something that I can do better, like let me know. ‘Cause it’s not fun having to fight with Dakota and to fight with Levi and it’s all over the petty stuff that’s not going to matter five months from now.”

What can she do better? 

Well first off, don’t jump into a relationship with every Tom, Dick, and Dakota that comes along, and if you are in a relationship install a neon sign between your legs that says “Closed Until Further Notice.”  

Oh, and don’t spend the entire relationship treating your man like he is your personal houseboy, scapegoat, and punching bag. 

That would likely be a good start. 

Anybody else want to weigh in?