Courtesy of Fox News:

Bristol Palin, daughter of former Governor Sarah Palin, said she feels fortunate to have grown up in the public eye, despite the constant struggles that came along with the lifestyle.

In Fox Nation’s exciting new episode of “MOMS,” host Rachel Campos Duffy sat down with a group of high profile moms to share their views on hot topics affecting motherhood, and gain insight into their childhood.

“I think that life in the public eye is a weird thing obviously but I think it’s been a great thing. It’s provided me a ton of opportunities and forced me to grow up and I’m definitely sure of the person I am now because of it,” Palin said.

I thought it would be a nice change of pace to ignore Trump in this last post and revisit the Palins for a bit. 

I, of course, think all of the Palin kids would have been much better off if Sarah had not agreed to be John McvCain’s running mate, and would definitely have been much better off if she did not pursue the limelight, and push her family to pursue the limelight along with her after the campaign ended. 

I am actually not posting this as any kind of criticism against Bristol, in fact I thought she came off as much better spoken and genuine than in times past. 

What she says for the most part is accurate in that she did not originally want to be thrust into the public arena.

But then she did in fact push to get on reality TV programs after all of that so she is responsible for the image that she portrayed and the negativity that it attracted.