Hang on this gets a little soap opery. 

Courtesy of the Daily Mail

Bristol Palin has revealed that she has only had one conversation with her son Tripp’s stepmother Sunny in the six years that she has been married to her former fiancé Levi Johnston.

The 28-year-old real estate agent was answering some questions on Instagram Stories Tuesday when one fan asked her how she feels about Sunny, 27, allegedly taking screenshots of her Q&As and putting them on hers.

‘I don’t watch her Instagram nor do I care to,’ Bristol said. ‘The only time I’ve ever had a conversation with her has been filming for Teen Mom. So, she does not affect me whatsoever.’

Yeah, that’s not true. 

Sunny and Bristol certainly have not spent much time talking to each other, and it has only been when they had no other choice, but it has certainly been more than one time. 

Bristol also said that she could not care less what Sunny does, and pays no attention to her, but we all know that she has copied Sunny numerous times and remains obsessed with Levi. 

The Mail also quoted Sunny’s Instagram message in response to Bristol claiming that Levi did not want to be involved in Tripp’s life: 

‘As long as I’ve been in the picture: Levi was never allowed to have Tripp overnight until the court ordered it when he was around three despite trying to be there for all the years prior,’ she wrote.

Longtime Imers will remember that Bristol repeatedly tried to interfere in Levi’s relationship with his son and that it was not until I offered to pay lawyer fees that Levi finally got a real say in his son’s life and guaranteed time with him as directed by the courts. 

Here was one of my favorite exchanges from this article:

During her impromptu Q&A, a fan asked Bristol why it seems like her ex-husband Dakota Meyer and Sunny are close, noting that they are ‘always liking each other’s stuff.’

‘I don’t follow either one of them,’ she replied. ‘So I am unphased and unaffected by anything that they do. I don’t care.’

Bristol doesn’t follow Dakota, Sunny, or Levi on Instagram, and while they don’t follow her either, they do follow each other.

‘I think Levi’s incredible. I have nothing but great things to say about Levi as a father,’ Dakota told Us Weekly in October. ‘I consider him a friend.

‘I have nothing but great things to say about Sunny, she’s a loving mother. She cares,’ he added. ‘I still will continue my friendship with them.’

The fact is that Sunny, Levi, and Dakota have been communicating through texts and phone calls since right after the first time that Bristol and Dakota broke up and he learned she was pregnant with his child (Well maybe.) 

They essentially bonded over their mutual PTSD that resulted from dealing with a crazy person. 

They remain friends to this day and Levi and Dakota have long talked about going hunting together, but I don’t think that has happened yet. 

Their friendship absolutely burns Bristol’s ass, especially since she knows they talk about her all of the time. 

Bristol also responded to a question about how it felt to be trapped in Texas and unable to go back to Alaska to live with her family. 

Bristol claimed it was “a blessing in disguise.” 

Well, we certainly know that’s bullshit and that trapping Bristol in Texas was Dakota’s final revenge and of course a real gift to Levi and Sunny.