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you know you’re a boss realtor when your ex husband trusts YOU to list his property 😎 check out my link in bio

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Courtesy of The Daily Mail:

Dakota Meyer is selling the marital home he once shared with Bristol Palin — and he is having realtor ex-wife list the property that he got in their divorce settlement.

Bristol, 28, took to Instagram on Thursday to share a throwback photo of herself fist-pumping her former husband Dakota, 30, in front a Christmas tree while announcing she is in charge of selling her former home in Austin, Texas.

‘You know you’re a boss realtor when your ex-husband trusts YOU to list his property,’ she captioned the image, urging her followers to check out the listing for the home, which is going for $839,000.

A couple of gossip sites have suggested that this means that Dakota and Bristol are getting along now and that this proves how much he trusts her abilities as a realtor. 

I actually think that they agreed to this because they knew the publicity would mean more people would see the listing and that he might get more money as a result. 

Grifters gotta grift.

Personally, I think paying to have the property purged of evil spirits before taking up residence would have to be subtracted from the closing costs.