Should we tell him? 

Courtesy of the Daily Mail

The Palin clan has found themselves in the midst of a public spectacle with the very public divorce of Sarah and Todd.

But it appears Bristol Palin isn’t letting the end of her parents’ marriage negatively impact her outlook on love.

She took to Instagram Saturday from a Texas A&M game with her apparent new beau Janson Moore, captioned with the heart eyes emoji.

He also posted the snap, referencing the bible verse James 1:17 in the caption, which reads: ‘Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.’

Any of the Palins throwing out bible verses literally makes my head hurt. 

Apparently this new meat is a Texas native and is currently working as a medical sales representative. 

I don’t think that job is going to bring in enough cash to keep Bristol happy for long. 

He is also super into that Jesus fella so he could provide a semblance of respectability for the reality show starring mother of three. 

I will give Bristol some props for not running from her past mistakes:

She commemorated a year since the divorce on Instagram: ‘You guys, been a YEAR this month since the BIGG DDDDD, and those divorce papers were officially signed.

‘Sometimes it’s hard to not feel like a complete loser with having another scarlet letter plastered to your forehead.. (add that to getting knocked up at 17 + two baby daddies.. just rackin’ those letters up y’all).’

Of  course that would be a little hard to do since everybody knows her business. 

(By the way we do not say “y’all” in Alaska.)

Hey maybe the twentieth time is a charm and this poor sap will be around longer than the typical one or two years that it usually takes before Bristol gets tired of banging her new bed warmer and kicks them to the curb. 

Update: Dakota Meyer weighs in.

Courtesy of The Blast:

“How do you feel about Bristol dating again?” a fan asked. Meyer replied, “I couldn’t be happier for them.”

Another fan delved deeper and asked, “How d you deal with your ex dating new people and making a show of it?”

Meyer had an extremely honest, and pretty funny, answer:

“Why would you care?? The fast they move on the better your life gets. Always thank the person that takes your spot. Lol cuz you know what they’re about to take on!!”

And he should certainly know.