This comes from an article at Hollywood Gossip which covers a session that Bristol has with Dr. Drew Pinsky during which she talks about her marriage and her difficulty with parenting. 

Here are some excerpts courtesy of  The Hollywood Gossip:

Bristol Palin thinks she’s let her kids down.

The mother of three opened up to Dr. Drew Pinsky on the Teen Mom OG reunion special that aired this week, detailing her awkward co-parenting situation with the fathers of her children and lamenting some of her life choices.

Palin was mostly critical of herself, however.

Speaking about her divorce, Palin added that she feels “terrible as a mom,” especially for son Tripp, who is nine years old and whose dad is Levi Johnston.

“I feel like I’ve kind of failed, with his dad [Levi Johnston], not being with his dad,” she said on the reunion stage. “I introduce somebody else into his life, we’re a family and now he doesn’t have that family.”

“For me it’s been really difficult to try and navigate those waters. It’s not a good feeling to have — feeling like a failure.”

I don’t want to be too mean, but she essentially feels like a failure because he is a failure.

And the signs were all there to warn her about making these mistakes. 

She knew that Dakota had PSD, and she knew what that was thanks to her brother, so that should not have come as a surprise.

She knew that she had a terrible history in making relationships work, so she should have thought about how the ending of this one might hurt her children. 

She knew that ripping Tripp out of Alaska and moving him thousands of miles away from this father was going to be hard on him, and she simply did not seem to care.

And she SHOULD have known that immediately having children while she was struggling in her new relationship with Dakota was a bad idea, and she did it anyway. 

Most of these mistakes could have been seen from space, and she just staggered right into them anyhow. 

I have no sympathy for her, or for Dakota at this point.

The only people who I feel sympathy for are the children, and for Levi who could never have seen all of this coming in a million years. 

I feel a little bad for Sunny as well, though she at least had a little heads up as to what she was getting into.