Courtesy of NBC News:

Beach Boys co-founder Brian Wilson is asking fans to boycott the band he helped start because of a coming performance at a hunting event in Nevada.

In a tweet Monday, Wilson said there was nothing he could do to stop the concert Wednesday at Safari Club International’s annual convention in Reno, Nevada, which will feature the touring group led by co-founder Mike Love. The group’s convention will also include a keynote speech Saturday by Donald Trump Jr.

Wilson linked to an online petition calling on fans to stop buying the group’s music and attending shows because of Safari Club’s support of trophy hunting, which he said he and Al Jardine, another co-founder of the band, are “emphatically opposed” to.

Safari Club has made the contested claim that trophy hunting is the “solution” to conserving Africa’s wildlife.

Yeah, well I think that opening fire at CPAC is a good “solution” to the Republican party but you don’t see me advocating for that. 

I agree with Wilson that his incredibly well-respected band should have NOTHING to do with this unsavory event. 

In fact I think the only safari that the Beach Boys should be associated with is a Surfing Safari. 

Yep, that is the music of free love and peace, not the music of animal murder and insecure masculinity.