That sounds like a lofty goal. 

Courtesy of ABC News

Energy producer BP said Wednesday it wants to eliminate or offset all carbon emissions from its operations and the oil and gas it sells to customers by 2050, an ambitious target born out of pressure to help combat climate change and keep making money.

London-based BP’s goals include becoming a net zero emitter in its own production of energy but also to reduce the carbon dioxide created by its customers as they use that energy – the bulk of emissions from the industry. Doing so would require not only a shift to cleaner energy sources but also coming up with new technologies to offset emissions or extract CO2 from the atmosphere.

As such, BP’s announcement was less of a detailed restructuring plan and more of a statement of intent from a company that is trying, like the wider energy industry, to ensure its long-term viability as the world decreases its reliance on fossil fuels in an effort to fight climate change.

“The world’s carbon budget is finite and running out fast; we need a rapid transition to net zero,’’ CEO Bernard Looney said in a statement. “We all want energy that is reliable and affordable, but that is no longer enough. It must also be cleaner.’’

I think this might easily be dismissed as pandering to the climate change activists, but if it is they will ultimately drive BP out of businees, so I somehow doubt they are being quite that cynical. 

I am not sure I will be around in 2050, but my child certainly will be,  and hopefully a grandchild or two, and dammit they deserve a planet with blue skies, drinkable water, and breathable air as well. 

So I hope that others will follow BP’s example and help to save the only planet that we have.