In other words, the revolution WILL be televised.

Courtesy of BC:

PBS, whose coverage of the Watergate hearings riveted the nation and made beetle-browed inquisitor Sen. Sam Ervin into a folk hero, has announced its coverage plans for the Donald Trump public impeachment hearings starting next week and it is going to provide televised coverage this time as well, with the addition of digital coverage on all its platforms.

Presiding over the hearings next week will be House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff.

“How high did the scandals reach and was President Nixon himself involved?” That was how then NewsHour co-anchor Robert MacNeil opened the Nixon hearings in May 17, 1973.

PBS will broadcast the Trump hearings live starting Nov. 13, with analysis from its new NewsHour team. As always stations make their own programming decisions, but the coverage will be available to affiliates.

But wait, there’s more!

Courtesy of the Deadline:

The BBC has said it is going to show the Donald Trump impeachment hearings in full from next week.

The House Intelligence Committee evidence-gathering goes public on November 13 and will be shown on BBC Parliament, which usually brings audiences live action from the British Houses of Parliament.

However, because a December 12 election has been called in the UK — the first December election since 1923 — Parliament has been dissolved, meaning the BBC is looking for content to fill BBC Parliament’s schedule. To this end, the channel will go live from Washington D.C. next week.

I imagine that a number of cable news outlets will broadcast this live as well, with the possible exception of Fox News. 

One cannot overestimate the impact those televised Watergate hearings had on Richard Nixon’s poll numbers. 

The murdered him. 

I imagine it will be much the same for Donald Trump, and when all is said and done perhaps even Fox News will have to throw their hands in the air and say “Yep, he’s gotta go.”