Man the holidays are going to be tres uncomfortable at the Johnson household. 

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

If you’re wondering how Boris Johnson’s latest attempts to bring his party together to deliver Brexit are going, the prime minister’s own brother has just quit the government and claimed his sibling may be damaging the country.

Jo Johnson, a lawmaker for the Conservative party since 2010, has announced that he’s standing down as a member of parliament (MP) and a minister in his brother’s government because he can no longer reconcile “family loyalty and the national interest.”

While Jo Johnson didn’t specifically mention Brexit in his announcement, there is no doubt the resignation is over his brother’s increasingly belligerent attempts to force through Britain’s withdrawal. Jo Johnson is on the pro-Europe wing of the Conservative party and has previously called for a second referendum to decide the fate of Brexit.

“It’s been an honour to represent Orpington for nine years and to serve as a minister under three prime ministers,” he wrote. “In recent weeks I’ve been torn between family loyalty and the national interest—it’s an unresolvable tension and [it’s] time for others to take on my roles and MP and minister.”

The betrayal is the most personal in a series of blows suffered by the prime minister this week. Johnson has lost his first four parliamentary votes as prime minister, has seen his Brexit negotiating position destroyed by parliament, and had his proposal for a general election aimed at solving the Brexit impasse rejected. With no working majority, Johnson is rapidly running out of options and his judgment is being seriously questioned.

If you ever find yourself slipping into a state of depression over what Trump is doing in America, I suggest you take a peek over the pond and watch the shit show going on in Britain. 

For one thing it is far more entertaning, and for another it does not make you feel bad for not voting for the email lady. 

I would say that the only part that might cause you any further depression is the realization that Johnson’s party at least has the balls to stand up to him, while the Republicans in this country cower on the floor at the sound of Trump’s thunderous footsteps.