Let’s change the channel from the American shit show to the shit show happening in Britain.

Courtesy of NBC News

Parliament will be suspended for a month starting Monday night as Prime Minister Boris Johnson employs every possible tactic to ensure that Britain leaves the European Union as planned on Oct. 31.

The prime minister’s office confirmed that Parliamentary business will stop after Monday’s session, meaning that lawmakers can’t sit, debate or pass laws until Oct. 14. This means less time for Johnson’s opponents to stop his Brexit plan.

Because a quirk in Britain’s constitutional monarchy, Johnson had to ask the queen for permission to suspend the parliamentary session.

The process, known as prorogation, has been used before, but this time lawmakers accused Johnson of shutting down democracy in order to make sure Brexit isn’t stopped.

Yeah they’re accusing him of that because it is obvious that is exactly what he is doing. 

Damn, just when you thought America was the embarrassment of the world, here comes Britain saying “Hold my beer.” 

Could you even imagine if Trump had the power to shut down the Congress because they were interfering in his plans to screw up the country? 

Actually don’t imagine that or you will never sleep again.